Contributing to Human Capital through Peace Education

The Geneva Academy for Peace & Mediation is committed to instilling the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to bring about effective and lasting peace. Dedicated to conflict prevention, negotiation, mediation, non-violence and social change, it embodies unity, co-operation, tolerance and social transformation. With the human being at its heart, our capacity building workshops address companies, governments, NGO's as well as any person interested in the topics.


Our classes are designed to provide you with the understanding, tools and practical skills required for peaceful conflict resolution, negotiation and other skills that allow you to interact better with your environment. Some enable you to refresh and bring new perspective to your existing experience, while others vest you with more in-depth knowledge on a range of key topics.


"If you want to change the world,

start with yourself" (Gandhi)

Workshops provide the perfect foundation to enter the next level of learning. Looking in-depth at one topic will give you an excellent introduction. A popular offering, we encourage you to sign up for this course as early as possible. If you have questions, simply reach out.

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Geneva Academy for Peace & Mediation

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